Nunavut Housing Corporation

Senior Citizens Home Repair Program


The Senior Citizen Home Repair Program (SCHRP) provides assistance to senior citizens (60+) throughout Nunavut who need to repair and/or adapt their homes in order to ensure their continued safe occupancy, and/or to assist with difficulties they encounter with daily living activities.

The assistance comes in the form of a grant, to a maximum amount of $15,000, plus freight costs.

Eligible Clients

  • One of the applicants must be at least sixty years of age and have resided in Nunavut for at least two years.
  • This program follows income eligibility limits as set by the Homeownership Program Income Eligibility (HPIE) numbers.

Applicants with rental or mortgage arrears with any Local Housing Organization in Nunavut or with the NHC, or who have otherwise caused a loss to the NHC, do not qualify for the program until those arrears or losses are paid in full. At the discretion of the District Director, this requirement may be waived, provided that the client(s) agrees in writing to a Repayment of Arrears Schedule.