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Hon. George Kuksuk

Minister responsible for the Nunavut Housing Corporation

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Tungasugit! The vision of housing in Nunavut is one of families and individuals having fair access to a range of affordable housing options. Making this vision a reality has been, and will continue to be a remarkable challenge. But that challenge is not insurmountable.
Hon. George Kuksuk

Public Housing

The NHC delivers the Public Housing Program in all 25 Nunavut communities through close cooperation with our local partners. The financial resources and professional support needed to provide ongoing public housing services to Nunavummiut are made available through management agreements between the NHC and the Local Housing Organizations.

Staff Housing

Through the Staff Housing Program, the NHC provides subsidized rental housing to term and indeterminate employees to assist in the recruitment and retention of staff and to facilitate the provision of programs and services to Nunavummiut.


Homeownership Programs

Through its Homeownership Programs and supports, the NHC assists residents who can afford the costs of homeownership to secure and maintain their house. As well, homeownership education and counseling services are provided to home owners. These services include consultations regarding purchase of existing homes or new home construction, repairs, renovations, bank financing and energy conservation.


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National Housing Strategy

The Government of Canada is calling on all Canadians to have a say in the consultations for the newly launched National Housing Strategy. Help determine how housing outcomes, such as the introduction of more affordable housing units, can be implemented in order to meet the needs of Nunavummiut. Get involved by taking a brief survey at or by using #LetsTalkHousing on social media.