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NHC, NAC, and Pewapun Construction sign partnership agreement to increase trades training and build affordable student housing in Rankin Inlet

Today, the Minister responsible for the Nunavut Housing Corporation (NHC) Lorne Kusugak joined the Minister responsible for the Nunavut Arctic College (NAC) Karen Nutarak and the director of Atoskiwin Training and Employment Centre Inc. (ATEC) and Pewapun Construction Limited board member Jim Moore, to sign a partnership agreement.

The agreement initiates a pilot project in Rankin Inlet to increase the supply of affordable student housing and provide additional trades training opportunities for NAC students.

"Pewapun’s vision of supporting and empowering local students through on-the-job training opportunities is something I am proud to work toward modelling, not just in Rankin Inlet, but throughout Nunavut,” said Minister Kusugak. “In order to build homes, we need to build local capacity. Replicating Pewapun’s training and education model will not only build capacity but will also provide encouragement to youth considering careers in the trades sector.”

The pilot project, set to begin in July 2024, aims to provide six new three-bedroom affordable housing units for student families in Rankin Inlet, slated for occupancy by summer 2025. Pewapun will supply $3 million in materials and specialized support during construction, while the units will be built by students and instructors in NAC’s skilled trades worker programs.

"Our collaboration with Pewapun Construction promises employment-based apprenticeship training for 20-40 students enrolled in our trades programs," said Minister Nutarak. "This opportunity enables students to not only acquire knowledge and skills to support their personal and professional growth, but also to actively participate in community development. This approach aligns with the goals of the Nunavut Arctic College.”

The initiative aims to serve as a blueprint for additional pilot programs moving forward. By supporting students through on-the-job training, such programs can expand Nunavut’s skilled workforce and extend housing solutions to communities throughout the territory.

"We are truly inspired by the transformative potential of our partnership with Nunavut, to create positive change,” said Jim Moore. “In the spirit of collaboration and unity, we build not just houses, but futures. Through partnerships and shared efforts, we are empowering youth, developing trades capacity, and delivering sustainable housing solutions. Together, we pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, one community at a time."

Pewapun Construction Limited is a social enterprise created in 2016 by the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation in Manitoba as a sister company to the ATEC. Pewapun’s aim is to create sustainable livelihoods for Indigenous people by providing training, education, employment, and self-employment opportunities.

NHC is actively exploring ways to reduce barriers to home ownership through the introduction of its new and modernized suite of housing and homeownership programs. For more information about the other programs available, please visit the Nunavut Housing Corporation website.


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