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Government of Nunavut and Nunavut Housing Corporation announce strategy to build 3,000 homes

Rankin Inlet, Nunavut (October 18, 2022) – The Government of Nunavut (GN) and Nunavut Housing Corporation (NHC) today announced the launch of the Nunavut 3000 strategy, Igluliuqatigiingniq – building houses together.

The Nunavut 3000 strategy is a collaboration between the government and its partners to address the housing crisis in Nunavut.

Acknowledging the right of all Nunavummiut to live in adequate, safe, and healthy homes, the Nunavut 3000 strategy will deliver 3,000 new units across the housing continuum in Nunavut by 2030.

“Nunavummiut deserve homes that support a healthy, secure, and independent lifestyle,” said the Minister responsible for Nunavut Housing Corporation Lorne Kusugak. “With housing continuing to be one of the most urgent challenges in Nunavut, the announcement of Igluliuqatigiingniq, or the Nunavut 3000 strategy, is a welcome addition to our communities and will make a measurable difference in the lives of Nunavummiut.”

“Igluliuqatigiingniq seeks to leverage the capacity of all housing sector partners and stakeholders to advance innovative approaches to develop, design, and construct housing,” said NHC Board Member George Qulaut. “Working together has always been a guiding principle of Nunavut, NHC and Inuit.”

The Nunavut 3000 Strategy will fulfill the Katujjiluta mandate priority to create new housing that Nunavummiut in all communities can call home for years to come.

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Nunavut 3000

Nunavut 3000 will create more housing for Nunavummiut by developing partnerships and investing in innovative construction methods that increase efficiency and decrease costs.

By working with communities, Inuit organizations, housing sector stakeholders, and all Nunavummiut, the Nunavut Housing Corporation is dedicated to realizing the vision of Nunavut 3000 to build healthy communities, support training and local economic development, and expand the housing continuum in Nunavut.