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Nunavut Housing Corporation and Community Housing Transformation Centre Announce Partnership Agreement

Nunavut Housing Corporation and Community Housing Transformation Centre Announce Partnership Agreement

Winnipeg, Manitoba (April 19, 2023) – Nunavut Housing Corporation (NHC) and the Community Housing Transformation Centre (the Centre) Montréal, Québec, signed a Partnership Agreement to support the growth of the community housing sector as part of the Nunavut 3000 Strategic Plan – Igluliuqatigiingniq “Building houses together”. The Partnership Agreement brings together the expertise of NHC and the Centre with the objective to build the capacity of the community housing sector in Nunavut by sharing and leveraging resources aimed at expanding, empowering, and supporting non-profit organizations.

Central to the Partnership Agreement is the establishment of the Nunalingni Piruqpaalirut Fund (NP Fund), meaning “Growth in our Land”. The fund is designed to support entities with an affordable housing idea, project or initiative, enabling them to move to the next stage and bring it to fruition.

Eligible projects will be able to apply for a grant under the following funding streams: Capacity Building, Planning and Pre-Development, Research and Innovation. The total amount available for distribution through the NP Fund until March 31, 2024, is $1,360,000. NHC and the Centre are currently working on the implementation of the NP Fund. Application intake is anticipated for July of 2023.

“The NHC is committed to supporting all aspects of the housing sector in Nunavut. Not only does the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with the NP Fund represent an exceptional opportunity to ‘think outside the box’, we see this as the first step of an open process that is expected to involve other interested parties as it evolves. The goal is to allow for the best possible alignment of the different resources and objectives as well as simplifying the funding process for Nunavut’s community housing sector,” said Eiryn Devereaux, CEO & President of Nunavut Housing Corporation.

“After numerous exchanges with our Nunavut partners, we acknowledged the serious need for capacity building and support for the community housing sector in the North. The NP Fund is an opportunity for the Centre to be part of a strategy that insists on partnerships, training, and capacity building, and that is aligned with our values and our mandate,” said Stéphan Corriveau, Executive Director of the Community Housing Transformation Centre. The Centre is a national non-profit organization founded in 2018 with expertise and experience in delivering programs that support community housing nation-wide. The Centre is motivated by the prospect of building on existing expertise, networks, and resources to drive transformation, sustainability, and growth.

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Nunavut 3000

Nunavut 3000 will create more housing for Nunavummiut by developing partnerships and investing in innovative construction methods that increase efficiency and decrease costs.

By working with communities, Inuit organizations, housing sector stakeholders, and all Nunavummiut, the Nunavut Housing Corporation is dedicated to realizing the vision of Nunavut 3000 to build healthy communities, support training and local economic development, and expand the housing continuum in Nunavut.